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Our approach to selling homes for our clients can be summed up in 3 simple, yet powerful words...LOVE YOUR LISTING. We want you to love your listing. Why? Because we know that when a home seller loves their listing, there's a great chance potential home buyers will too! 

Everything we do in our approach to selling homes revolves around getting as many potential home buyers as possible to fall in love with your home, the same way you did.

Want to learn more about how we can help you sell your home? 

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Every Home has Its Own Unique Story

Your home is special, so the way it's presented should reflect that. There is our way and a wrong way to describe a property:

Wrong Way: You don't have a "4BD 2.5BA w/lrgyard". 

Our Way: Your Property has "4 Large Bedrooms - Over 1/4 Acre Lot - Pool & Spa - Perfect for Entertaining!".

Your kitchen has "Modern Designed - Gourmet Kitchen -Perfect for Large Gatherings".

When guests step into your home, they notice the"Highly Upgraded Flooring and Fixtures. Including Wood Floors - Stainless Steel Appliances - Vaulted Ceilings".

If Buyers hear your home's story, they'll fall in love with it too. We'll tell them that story of what makes your home so special and how life could look and feel living there.

Your home deserves to be showcased in all its glory!

 Here's how we do things much different than other Realtors - Keep reading to Love Your Listing! 


Home Staging

Each property we market is given a thorough consultation with a staging expert to determine the best way to stage it. If this is a new term to you, "staging" is presenting your home in the best possible light, by assessing (and adjusting, if needed) aspects of furniture placement, wall colours, artwork, and even landscaping. The way we live in a home is usually much different than the way it should be presented to potential buyers. 

Results-Driven Marketing

Our marketing plan for selling homes is proactive, aggressive, and above all, results-driven. We don't just throw a sign in the yard, put your home on the MLS® and hope for the best. We're here to make home buyers fall in love with your home and it all starts with that first impression. 

We don’t do average. Ever. We certainly don’t do what ‘most’ Realtors do. We push harder. We don’t just promise, we deliver. We customize everything. We create an experience and we provide Results You Can Trust! 

We create a unique sales and marketing strategy for every. single. property. We deliver a seamless and turnkey experience. From start to finish. 

Our professional photographer will use state of the art camera equipment to take stunning,high-dynamic-range (HDR) photos and a lifestyle video of your home - not just showing what your home looks like, but what it could look like LIVED in! 

Did you know that 95% of home buyers start their search online, before even speaking with a Realtor? We make sure that your listing not only looks great online with professional photos, but guarantee our innovative marketing strategy campaign will reach thousands of potential buyers and get exponentially more views than your competition. Plus as a member of KWGPS (Keller Williams Global Property Specialist), our listings are syndicated to 80+ international portals so your property is seen worldwide!

It used to be all about Location, Location, Location. And while still true, there is another word that is becoming just as important, it's the other 'L' LIFESTYLE. Our lifestyle videos offer a way to not only show what a home looks like - but how life could be lived in it. This creates an emotional connection with a buyer, helping them mentally move in.

Take a look at below at a few of our recent listings to see for yourself.

Our unique, custom narrated property videos have a viral effect. They are strategically targeted to the buyer demographic for your listing and will typically attract 5,000-10,000+ views.

P.S. - it’s so important to be aware that there is a huge difference between a virtual tour and a video tour.

Don’t be mislead! Most agents will promise “listing videos” and what they intend to provide is an animated slideshow or virtual tour of the photos of your property. We spend the money to do it right!

Targeted Online Ads

Our team has sophisticated online marketing and social media tools to target, track and convert buyers.

Our online ads run through exclusive industry systems, plus Facebook and Google and are individualized for each property. Through a campaign strategy, we run ads that are specifically designed to target potential buyers. These campaigns include coming soon ads, targeted and segmented email blasts, retargeting campaigns, just listed and open house postings.

Our ads are designed to demographically target the ideal buyers for a specific property. This includes specifications down to age, area (as narrow as postal code targeting) and interests. We have an online follow-up that ensures interested buyers know about your property and convert. Through our systems combined with both Google and Adwords, our ads are put in front of potential buyers multiple times and across many partner websites and search engines.  

Our Website

The biggest reason we're able to tell your Property Story is because we can control the presentation of it on our website

The MLS, listing portals, and most broker sites all pretty much follow the same standard formatting. We're not given the freedom to change too much on sites we don't control. On SouthMississaugaProperties.com, the shackles have been released and we're free to show your home the way we envision it.


Responding to the MOST MOTIVATED BUYERS 24 Hours a Day

The most motivated buyers are eagerly searching for the latest properties that hit the market at all different hours of the day. The ones that are willing to leave their phone number to get more information on the home are by far the ones most ready to purchase your home. 

The problem is that if they don't get a response within a few minutes, they are on to the next property, completely dismissing yours. Buyers don't care if they are requesting the information at 3 pm or 3 am. They want the information quickly or they don't want it all.  

❤ Listing your property with us will give your listing the LOVE  it deserves. 

Your home will get a response the way people want a response - quickly and via text. If they want to talk on the phone after getting some information via text, that is how your potential buyer will get responded to, all WITHIN FIVE MINUTES!

 100% Care for Our Clients

We take great pride in delivering a high level of service to our clients that not only meets their expectations but exceeds those expectations. With support staff and licensed sales agents on my team, every step of our client’s real estate purchase or sale is covered. From start to finish we put together a customized innovative plan of action that guarantees success.

Our motto is "Results You Can Trust", and we mean it sincerely. 

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